Parvez Hassan: Humour Sapiens

Parvez Hassan’s Delhi Metro & Love Jihaad

Parvez Hassan is a 24-year old Stand-up Comedian who’s been performing for almost two years now. Having performed at renowned comedy clubs such as Canvas laugh club, Playground Comedy Studio, Akshara, MooDe Playground, and several college fests, he has acquired a spot as an up and coming Indian comic. Parvez has won quite a few open mics at CLC and went on to become a member of canvas laugh club.

He mostly talks of things that are related to love, religion and politics, in a way only he can. His narration style is as funny as his content. Parvez uses satire and a politically accurate way to take a dig at the societal norms in practice for ages. His stories are inspired from his personal experiences and pretty much relatable. Parvez Hassan’s new video Delhi Metro & Love Jihaad is not in support of people who blatantly force others to change themselves or their religion for the sake of love. He says, “Love is a beautiful thing, it goes beyond religion/caste/gender, please don’t let it die.”

Here are the highlights of his video:

Things to do when you are stuck with creepy #Sanskaari uncles in a metro

Parvez Hassan: Humour Sapiens

What to do when you get involved in the eternal love affair

Parvez Hassan: Humour Sapiens

Challenges faced at Rajiv Chowk metro station in Delhi

Parvez Hassan: Humour Sapiens

It’s time you take a stand

Parvez Hassan: Humour Sapiens

There’s more to it than just this!

Watch Parvez Hassan’s Delhi Metro & Love Jihaad here:

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