Varun Thakur

Meet Incredibly Funny Varun Thakur

The job of a stand-up comedian is to make people laugh – some of them use observational comedy, some do improvisations, some do impersonations and some just do crazy comedy. Varun Thakur does all this and more. He has been around for a while now and each time he performs, you do not know what to expect next, but what you see and hear leaves you rolling with laughter.

When Indian Take Flights

Let’s start with the most recent of his acts on ‘When Indian Take Flights’. It was hilarious and at the same time, was entirely true. Right from those annoying uncles who cut the line at the boarding gate to the time we land, he bares it all in this act and you find it really relatable. Some gems of wisdom from this act:

I think that most Indian think that the last person to get off the flight, has to clean it. You know, Indians do not get off the flight, they look like they are evacuating.

We were waiting for the flight to take off…10 mins…15 mins…45 mins…I saw a Kingfisher flight take off and you know there is something wrong with your flight when the Kingfisher is taking off before yours.

You know, I am a very religious person…during turbulence. Because I have watched every episode of Air Crash Investigation.

Vicky This Side, Varun That Side

The next and the best act of his so far has to be his stand-up special on Amazon called ‘Vicky This Side and Varun That Side’. Vicky is Varun’s alter ego, a struggling actor. What we enjoyed most about this act was Varun’s side rather than Vicky’s side. He talks about his time in London, where he had gone to study film-making. Each and every line was funny. Here are some of them:

It was hard to explain why I had a ‘lota’ in my bathroom. So, I just told them that sometimes when I am peeing, I get really thirsty and that is why I have the lota in my bathroom.

We had a potluck…I took Poha. The Chinese guy got something, which I’m pretty sure was alive because when I went to eat it, it ran away. The French girl said something fancy…I didn’t know what to say, so I said, ‘It is flattened rice flakes, cooked in robust Indian spices with a dash of lemon and a sprinkle of coriander and basil.’

There was also another such line, where they had to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to a girl in their own languages and how he erupted into a ‘constipated’ Udit Narayan version of ‘Baar Baar yeh dil gaaye’.

These are a couple of his acts and what we liked best about it. But, there are many more acts, like the one on condoms or even the struggling actor Vicky, which are equally entertaining and funny.

He is one of those rare comedians who have an on-stage alter ego and gets laughs for both the characters equally. Watch out for Varun a.k.a Vicky guys…they are ‘hilariously’ addictive!


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