Abijit Ganguly

Meet Abijit Ganguly – A Stand-up Comedian Alluded As Bappi Lahiri

Abijit Ganguly, born in Bengaluru, raised in Delhi, is a stand-up comedian famous for his love for Modi ji. His eternal connection with the Prime Minister radiates whenever he is on stage. In addition to that, his humour is based on day-to-day topics like, middle class life, relationships, parties, racism etc. He quotes many anecdotes which are very much relatable. It is as if he can read our minds.

He has performed mainly in all metropolitan cities like, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai etc.

He’s certain one day he’ll have six pack abs and be better looking than the handomest Bengali Bappi Lahiri.


When Modi ji gave him a lot of work to do & he was left with no time to get his AC repaired

When Modi ji outsourced the task of giving bad news to Arun Jaitley; who ensures tumhara yahan katega, tumhara wahan katega, but ultimately sabka katega

When he mentioned about the sleepless nights with Kapil

When he assured us that all fathers are the same & disclosed that in the long run, we are all dead

When he talked about the Indian mothers’ obsession with maids & maids’ obsession with stealing spoons

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