Priyesh Sinha

Master of intuitive sense of humour: Priyesh Sinha

Comedy is a genre, where with amazing stand-up acts being performed every day, we are certainly spoilt for choice and we expect nothing but the best. It has become a herculean task to please the Indian audience, but this new comedian on the block, has managed to do just that, and that too in very less time. We are talking about Priyesh Sinha, the Bihari ‘chora’, who is not hesitant to make fun of his state.

The Puja Announcers

One of his first acts, was an act on the announcers who exist in small towns and villages during pujas. His enactment of the role was so natural and real, that while watching it, a constant smile will remain on your face till the end. His Bihari accent, also accentuates the performance.

The emphasis on Education

The act that brought him recognition and a lot of accolades was the one on Bihar Toppers. He says Nalanda, which is in Bihar, was a centre for knowledge and people from all over the world used to come here to gain knowledge. But now, a Political Science topper says the subject is about cooking; this is the sad affair of the education system. His puns hit the right note with the audience.

Bihar mein Shiksha par bahut zor de rahe hain…shiksha mantri khud syllabus pe baith gaye hain” he says. Now, if that doesn’t make you laugh your heart out, we don’t know what else does. There are many other lines in this act that we would like to talk about, but that would mean we will be giving the whole thing away. This video is filled with jokes and punchlines that there never is a dull moment.


After this act, Priyesh’s stand-ups have just improved. Be it the one where he talks about the thousands of matrimonial sites available these days or the one where he talks about life after marriage; one is hilarious than the other. His recent act on ‘Night clubs’ is a different take, which you would have never heard of before. He begins his set with the line “Nightclub, aajkal ke naujawaanon ke liye aisa dhaam hain, jahan pe jaake khud ko jal chadhate hain.” Well, that sums it all up, doesn’t it? But, this is just the beginning of the act, there is much more craziness that you will witness in this act.

It might be because of the fact that his approach to comedy is very realistic, based on his observations and experiences, or it might be because of his ‘bihari’ touch to all his acts; but his performance is something his audience look forward to and thoroughly enjoy, some even laugh hard enough to get tears of joy, he is one comedian to watch out for…we totally can swear by that!



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