Kenny Sebastian

Make way for Kenneth Sebastian, aka, Kenny

When he was in school, Kenneth Sebastian, aka, Kenny, used to go up on stage and give speeches, just to get over his fear of stage. Good thing that he did that, because, after that, he fell so much in love with the stage, that he ended up being one of the biggest names in the Indian stand-up comedy circuit. As for us, we finally found a guy, who could make us laugh while keeping the jokes clean.

Kenny Sebastian

The budding Filmmaker?

For Kenny, his first love was always film-making though. When he was in 11th grade, he got hold of his friend’s handycam and instantly made up his mind to make films. But first, he had to finish his studies and so, he went on to take Visual Arts.

First steps into stand-up comedy

It was when he was studying in college, that he realized what his true calling was. He was at the Mood Indigo festival at IIT and he took part in the stand-up comedy competition. He won and that trigger was enough for him to make it a full-time profession.

Since then, he has been doing numerous stage shows, sketches, improvs and more. One of the unique shows that he is doing on a regular basis is the one called ‘Chai Time with Kenny Sebastian’, which is an informal set-up and he has a general conversation with the audience about topics related to everyday life, but with a touch of his witty humour.

the funny boy next door

His stand-up acts are one of the best you will find on the internet by an Indian. His acts are always conversational and his USP seems to lie in the fact that he takes an everyday activity like a bucket bath and turns it into a hilarious experience; he is one observational comedian. He usually breaks into a musical comedy too, in between his acts, which is again completely interactive.

star boyz

The South Indian blood in him, in particular, mallu blood, made him team up with two other South Indian guys, one of whom was Naveen Richards. They brought out a web series called Star Boyz, which was about the adventures of three South Indian guys in space. Right from the first episode till the last one, each of them were rib-tickling and definitely something every South Indian could relate to!

Yes, A filmmaker!

Not only that. He also fulfilled his dream of becoming a film-maker. He has 12 short films and 2 feature films to his credit.


Apart from all of these, he also has a special on Amazon Prime, called ‘Don’t Be That Guy’. In the special, he talks about his encounters with his maid and his mom; and why the world doesn’t deserve nice people like his Uber driver, among others. This act is a classic!

A judge

At present, he is one of the judges on Comicstaan on Amazon Prime.


That has not stopped him though, from releasing his next Chai Time episode on YouTube, where he talks about coffee dates and flirting – relatable and wacky – like his personality!

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