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Laughs Over Latte at Zee5 Loft

What’s the best way to kick start the new year? Party your way into the new year? Sleep through the day? Set resolutions only to break those? Well, we decided to ring in the new year differently. Not partying, but with Laughs Over Latte at Zee5 Loft.

Zee5 loft

The last weekend of 2018 was spent at the wonderful Zee5 Loft, Bengaluru amid the promising stand-up comics, at a show organized by The BlackBuck Comedy. Watching the house packed with heads enjoying and appreciating the power-packed performers was indeed a delight.

Good food, Great show, what else would you want on a Sunday night?

Maninder Singh aka Funny Manney was our host for the evening, and oh boy, what a host he was! Full of energy, crazy thoughts and the charm to keep you hooked whenever he stepped on stage. Being a North Indian living in the South, he sure had an insight. For the starters, he screwed up the famous Bollywood song “Kundi Matt Khadkao Raja…”, for ‘Kundi’ in Kannada means ‘Ass’ and in the North means ‘Latch’. We’d leave the rest to your imagination.

Maninder Singh: Humour Sapiens

The lineup included Anand Rathnam, Manish Chaubey, Joteen Patro, Gautham Govindan, Arun Kiran, Lakshaya Malhotra and Sumit Sourav.

The first performer for the night, well technically, the second was Gautham, who broke the ice with the audience by making fun, of himself of course. He talked about his teeth being so crooked that it appeared to be the inside of a zip file. You got to see him to believe him, and that’s not it, he has other quirky tales to share too.

Gautham Govindan: Humour Sapiens

Then came Arun Kiran who could make you giggle just by the way he delivers his sets. This 26-year-old has a passion for poverty, or so he says, which is why he decided to pursue engineering and comedy. Big fan of Shaktiman, Arun is a kickass performer.

Arun Kiran: Humour Sapiens

Manish Chaubey came next and left us all rolling with laughter. He shared about the atrocities that hit him, the struggles of his parents to recover from identity crisis by getting him kidnapped, and his tough work life where he is his own manager. But there’s a good thing that happened for him in the shitty traffic of Bengaluru, he found a girlfriend. Well, nope. We aren’t going to tell you how. You have to hear him out and go ‘awww’.

Manish Chaubey: Humour Sapiens

It was then time for Lakshaya Malhotra to keep the laugh riot going. And he didn’t disappoint us. The row of atrocities continued when he shared about his experience of watching Marvel & DC English movies dubbed in Hindi. He is certain that Thanos is somewhere here in Bengaluru enjoying Dosas. He signed off with an amazing piece of ‘Relationshit’ advice. Want to know, babu? Head over to his next show.

Lakshaya Malhotra: Humour Sapiens

Joteen Patro came on stage with a mental note of taking autographs of whoever finds him funny. We could have given him ours. He told us that he quit his job, and his girlfriend didn’t, which is why she needs him more than ever, or so he thinks. Sounds strange? Well, not! Watch him to know his secret!

Joteen Patro: Humour Sapiens

Anand Rathnam came complaining on the stage about how tinder happens to be the most horrible place. More so because, you can be a tea lover, a book lover but not really a kid-lover there. The complaints didn’t end there. He further talked about women and their deceptive leggings. Catch him live to know what’s so deceptive about the leggings.

Anand Rathnam: Humour Sapiens

Last, because late, was Sumit Sourav of the Star Plus’ Great Indian Laughter Challenge fame who talked about how his fans want to see him perform live only if he pays for their train tickets. He also mentioned how you have to parent the parents when they decide to explore the world of social media, because “humne duniya dekhi hai.”

Sumit Sourav: Humour Sapiens

There were a lot more fun jokes and anecdotes in their store, which you can indulge into in The BlackBuck Comedy’s next show.

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Jan 1: The New Year Comedy Show at the Enerjuvate (Jayanagar)

Jan 5: Saturday Comedy Dose 1.0 at Bearfoot Cafe


Humour Sapiens wishes you a year packed with jokes and laughter. Happy New Year!

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