Sumukhi Suresh: Humour Sapiens

Know Your Comic: Sumukhi Suresh

One of the known faces in the Indian comedy scene, Sumukhi Suresh is a comic and Improv artist. The 32-year old comic was raised in Nagpur and graduated from Chennai. She moved to Bangalore in 2009. Sumukhi is fondly known for her characters in web series, Better Life Foundation (BLF) and Pushpavalli. And how can we not mention ‘Behti Naak’.

Here are a few fun facts about her:

  • Performed for the first time at Jus Truffs, Bangalore.
  • Started out with Improv comedy, moved on to sketch comedy, did a few videos, and then moved on to stand up.
  • Favourite one-liner joke is ‘The number of times your mom calls you during the day is directly proportional to how characterless you are’.
  • First job at Hippocampus, a Children’s Library. She then worked as a Chef and then eventually at a food laboratory.
  • Performed in 100 shows in Bengaluru, Dubai, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Sweden.
  • In 2015, quit her full-time job to start a career in comedy.
  • First video was Anu Aunty – Engineering Anthem with Varun Agrawal, and then did the Maid Sketch with Sanjay Manaktala
  • Portrayed the character of ‘Sumukhi Chawla’, an NGO employee, in India’s first mockumentary on YouTube – Better Life Foundation.
  • Launched a video series called Behti Naak on her own YouTube channel. The character is a 10-year-old girl with a straight-faced humour.
  • Worked in web series on Amazon Prime – Pushpavalli and Don’t tell Amma.
  • Acted in Humble Politician Nograj a political satire Kannada film in 2018.

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