Gaurav Kapoor: Humour Sapiens

Know Your Comic: Gaurav Kapoor

Celebrity-named boy from Delhi has in no time become the celebrity we would do the Hahakaar with – Gaurav Kapoor. He is not a joke writer, he is a storyteller, and if his friends are to be believed, the stories he narrates on stage sound funnier than they know.

Gaurav Kapoor weaves stories out of things that he sees and experiences and has a funny take on almost all of them – his school, college, office, Royal Enfield, Mumbai flats, Nano – everything under the sun that catches his eyes.

Kapoor credits Zakir Khan for the sudden interest in Hindi stand-up, and admits that he is a fan of Vipul Goyal’s comedy. However he just wants to be like himself, and we are glad!

Here are some quick facts about Gaurav Kapoor:

  • Has a journalism degree from Delhi University
  • Post Graduate in Fashion Management from National Institute of Fashion Technology
  • Worked in the retail sector post qualification
  • Won every open mic competition on the Mumbai circuit including Big Mic, Canvas Laugh Club, Chalta Hai and Buzz Off in his early years as a comic
  • Opened for Russel Brand on his India Tour
  • Recently changed his name from Kapur to Kapoor – neurologically at play here 😉
  • Does Saturday ki Rasoi with wife Shreya Sharma


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