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Kenny Sebastian’s Why Jet Airways Failed

Kenny Sebastian has come up with his new video on the bankruptcy of Jet Airways, success of Indigo and Indian airports. He, in his latest video also talks about why the employees at Indian airports are always disgruntled. Kenny Sebastian’s Why Jet Airways Failed, Indigo, Pilots & Airports in India starts off with him mentioning how we Indians want to change the world, but only on social media – by telling other people how to do their job!

He feels, the reason for Jet Airways’ bankruptcy is him. Just because he wanted to change the world, he tweeted about his cancelled Jet Airways flight & next week the Airline got cancelled.

Kenny says, “Jet Airways combined 2 flights into 1 and cancelled my flight. I tweeted to change the world. Next week the airline got cancelled.”

Moving on, he shares why Indigo is doing incredibly well. Because Jet Airways gave comfort, that’s why they got bankrupt. He further explains in logic.

Jet Airways: Do you want blanket?
Me: Yeah. You’ll really give me a blanket? 😄
Jet Airways: Keep it for the full flight. Keep it & enjoy.
Me: Warm. I’m warm.
Jet Airways: You want food?
Me: Foood?😁

And while you leave the Jet airways flight, they are like… 😘

On the other hand, Indigo never has blanket or water, and super expensive food. If you feel cold, they would do the most dad thing, switch off the AC!

Talking about the Indian airports, he states how people working in the scanning and security check area are the slowest creatures. Furthermore, Kenny tells how Indian passengers give feedback to the airline pilots who have proper training to do their job.

Watch it to know it. Here’s Kenny Sebastian’s Why Jet Airways Failed, Indigo, Pilots & Airports in India.

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