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Kenny & Kanan’s Sketchy Behaviour

Sketchy Behaviour is an amusing sketch comedy show starring comedians Kenneth Sebastian and Kanan Gill. The show consists of a series of short, hilarious sketches, which can now be seen on Amazon Prime.

It starts off with both Kanan and Kenny stuck in a writer’s purgatory. Why? Neither did we know, nor did they.

Let’s take you through the sketches.

  1. Kenny, a slow waiter wearing worn out rubber slippers, gets Bubble-less flat lime soda only because he is out of fresh. And Kanan, the customer wasn’t really going through trauma in the beginning, but by the end of this sketch, he sure was.

Sketchy Behaviour: Humour Sapiens

  1. Kenny is driving, on call with mom, who asks him not to give lift to random people. But Kanan, dressed a creepy uncle manages to get lift from Charles Ghode Jaisi, ends up scaring the shit out of Kenny. And then Plot Twist!

Sketchy Behaviour: Humour Sapiens

  1. When Placcy and Yuvi decide to break up, and then there’s a series of sneezes. The reset Sneezes! Yuvi try mending things but Placcy isn’t really convinced. Watch out to know who won.

Sketchy Behaviour: Humour Sapiens

  1. Kanan is a chair, sharing how he has to inhale the but fumes of people and how people blame him for their farts.
    Kenny 1 doesn’t want to study and triggers the frustration of Kanan – the average chair.
    Kenny 2 was abandoned by the love of his life and triggers the frustration of Kanan – the lone chair.
    Kenny 3 is the Shakespeare and the Dino Morea combined of the house and triggers the frustration of Kanan – the broken-from-inside chair.

Sketchy Behaviour: Humour Sapiens

  1. The funniest exorcism you will see. The demon, Bathsheeba is a free spirit, and the possessed Sukrit is horrified by the Father who likes Bathsheeba. So do we! We cannot blame him, Bathsheeba is sweet.

Sketchy Behaviour: Humour Sapiens

  1. A therapy session is what comes up next. A sadist Kenny is all of us who are not social media enthusiasts. But it gets exciting when Kanan – the therapist doesn’t drop character, when Kenny’s mustache comes off. You have to watch it to laud him.

Sketchy Behaviour: Humour Sapiens

It ends with them rewriting scripts in the writer’s purgatory. And all we could do was smile and giggle through the Sketchy Behaviour of theirs.

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