Kanan Gill

Kanan Gill – Comedian, Actor, YouTuber, Judge

Movie Reviews, Sketches, Stand-up, a film – Kanan Gill has done it all and now, he has also turned a judge. This boy from Bengaluru has a super-cool attitude, just like the weather there! Like every other person from Bengaluru, he also started off by entering the IT industry and was a software engineer, before he realized that his true calling was the world of comedy.

Kanan – The COMEDIAN

His interest in comedy, though, was not accidental; he used to play in a couple of college bands and write funny lyrics. So, while he was working in IT, he felt that he should also give participating in open mics a shot and so he did. But, he did not just win the hearts of the audience, but also a few competitions on the way – Punchline Bangalore and one at the Comedy Store, Mumbai.

Kanan – The Youtuber

This gave him the much needed boost and he started exploring on what else could he do with comedy. That’s when he came up with some shows on YouTube, which became an instant hit. The first one was where he would go out on the streets of Bengaluru and ask people questions on all kinds of topics – the VoxPop kind; the responses he got were hilarious. The one he did on politics was an absolute gem.

The next thing he came up with was a series called Pretentious Movie Reviews, which took a satirical look at Bollywood films. Kanan teamed up with Biswa Kalyan Rath, and reviewed films like Hum Saath Saath Hain and Prem Agan; no matter, how much we laud him for these rib-tickling and genuine reviews, it will not do justice to it. The ‘pretentious’ movie reviews were anything but that. What they said in the review made complete sense and we started looking at those movies in a different light.

Kanan – The actor

Kanan next moved to doing sketch comedy. After the reviews and various stage shows that he did, he became so popular that he was offered to feature in an improvised sketch comedy show ‘The Living Room,’ on Comedy Central. Kanan Gill also co-hosted the YouTube FanFest India. He did not stop at just that though; he went on to star opposite Sonakshi Sinha in the 2017 movie ‘Noor.’

Noor - kanan gill sonakshi sinha

Out of all his roles though, we are a big fan of his comedy. His acts hit the right note with the audience, since it is about everyday life and it is stuff that happens with everybody. The only difference is the way how he sprinkles a little bit of humour into it!

Right now, he is the judge on Comicstaan on Amazon. He also has his special on Amazon called ‘Keep it Real’ and that is how this IT dude from Bengaluru likes it! Kanan Gill has sure come a long way and we cannot wait to see what he will come up with next.

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