Jaspreet Singh: Humour Sapiens

Jassi Doesn’t Like it

Jassi doesn’t like it…And neither do we. Because he is right. One hundred percent.

In this video, Jaspreet Singh talks about how Sikhs are badly portrayed in most Bollywood movies. This rant video is to urge the writers, directors and viewers of these movies to look for their normal.

He keeps on raising this question – #HamaraNormalKahanHai?

It was all triggered at the time of the release of movie, Kesari, wherein Akshay Kumar plays the lead. His concern is that he looks nothing like a Sikh, which deflated the balloon of his excitement towards the movie.

Jassi further talks about how surds are misinterpreted in the movies, as they are given mean and cliched dialogues, weird dance steps and made to talk in an unnatural accent.

He even mentions the movies which are made on and about Sikhs and still have some basic flaws. He points out to how badly researched they were, despite Google being Free for all.

Mentioning Bathinda as Bhatinda in ‘Jab We Met’.

He rightly says, someone from Bathinda won’t misspell the name of their hometown.

His anger is justified. A comedian too can and must express things which he doesn’t find funny. And this one is pure logic.

Don’t believe us.

Check out why Jassi Doesn’t Like It.


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