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Jaby Koay and friends react to Kenny’s stand-up comedy

Stand-up comedy has gotten really popular in India in the last few years, and the shooting demand for stand-up comedy is followed by the (much-needed) reaction videos (just because, the comments in the YouTube section aren’t enough).

Reaction video involves YouTube enthusiasts watching a stand-up comedy clip, laughing and adding their own tags to the video. The reactions, sometimes, are as funnier as the video.

This article will feature the review of Kenny Sebastian’s comedy video by Jaby Koay, an American YouTuber, and his two friends. While Kenny Sebastian jokes about politics in India and how he loves making goon jokes, Koay and friends laugh out loud.

Jaby Koay is an American YouTuber, best-known for uploading reactions, vlogs, pranks and challenge videos. He loves and reviews Indian content on his channel all the time. At the moment, he has earned more than 1.51M subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Watch the reaction here.


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