All India Bakchod (AIB)

India’s Edgiest Comedy Group: All India Bakchod (AIB)

Stand-up comedy is not just about standing up on the stage and telling jokes; it can be sketches, it can be improvisation, it can be absolutely anything that has been done creatively and can make people laugh. This group has set a benchmark for itself and it just keeps raising their bar with every video. Sometimes, it lands them in trouble, but just like the acts that they do, they just laugh it off. We are talking about All India Bakchod (AIB); it is because of them, that India has so many stand-up comics; most of them have come from the AIB stable.

Their most favourite and popular genre seems to be spoof, and each one of it is simply hilarious. Our most favourite has to be…not the obvious one of Alia Bhatt, which was also, by the way, intelligent and well-thought of spoof (in-the-moment) …but, the one titled ‘Honest Indian Weddings’. This video was released in two parts and it was a perfect and humorous satire on the wedding process in India – the dowry, the pretence of liking each other’s interests, the relatives finding faults in the preparation – everything taken into consideration and presented in the most humorous way possible.

Our another favourite is the one on ‘Honest Indian Flights’; it is nothing but the absolute truth. Right from the start, where the ‘pilot’ starts off by saying, ‘Apparently, it’s not enough that I have to keep you alive in this giant metal tube, thirty thousand feet above the ground, I also have to talk to you like I’m a fxxxxxx RJ’ till the end, where the airhostess is saying goodbye to the passengers by saying things like ‘Don’t fly with us again’ and ‘your baby is an axxxxxx’ while smiling all the while. This has to be among the AIB videos that you need to watch for sure.

Apart from that, AIB also does songs with celebrities, also a satire. The one which features Kangana Ranaut, where through way of a song, they bring out the bitter truth of Bollywood, where the actress is just considered as an ‘item’ and nothing else, is brilliant and funny at the same time.

Not just that. They have also done advertisement videos; one which sticks out is the one they had done for Truly Madly, a start-up dating portal and it was titled Creep Qawwali, where two women are fighting it out in the form of Qawwali, which of their stalkers is the ultimate creep. Once again, smart and rib-tickling.

They also have a News Comedy series and a Roast in their name; the latter became a controversy, but that just made the group stronger. Politics, Bollywood, Society – they have explored everything. They definitely have a great understanding of what comedy is and that reflects in all their works. Just watch any video that they have created, and we assure you that it will leave you tears of laughter!



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