Amit Tandon

Hilarious 3 videos from Amit Tandon

Known for his sharp observational comedy and hilarious anecdotes, Amit Tandon shares totally relatable jokes. What made him choose stand-up comedy? Two kids and one marriage made him realise that things couldn’t get any worse. Or so he says. We don’t trust him, though. 😉

His humour connects with all segments of audience, and he has a strong comedy appeal not only in India but across the globe. He has done international shows across 12 countries US, UK, London, Melbourne, Thailand, Singapore, to list a few.

Popularly known as the married guy of the stand-up comedy circuit, here are Amit Tandon’s famous three videos.

When he talked about the reason for traffic in Delhi – Curious?

One where he unveil the secret of married men. With such insight, No wonder he is referred to as the married guy of the stand-up comedy circuit.

When he shared his experience with Five Star hotels and why he never feels at home there.

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