Go Straight, Take Left – A Review

We weren’t really a fan of sketch comedy; the reason being, we always found them quite dry and boring. Well, after watching Sumukhi Suresh and Naveen Richard on the Amazon special ‘Go Straight, Take Left’, we have changed our minds. It is a collection of sketches, dealing with some grave topics. We found it a truly refreshing change.

go straight take left



The first sketch ‘Stan’ starts with a casual conversation between two office colleagues. Naveen’s character Vijay, probes Sumukhi’s character on why did she leave early from the office party the previous night. While Sumukhi rants away about her college ‘crush’ and her problems in life, Vijay fiddles with his phone constantly. The rant takes an ugly turn, when she reveals that she was sexually harassed by that crush named Stan at the party.

Vijay, who has hardly listened till now, tries to help her out by calling his friend to address this problem, who turns out to be…you guessed it right…Stan. Though the sketch was funny throughout, it also brought out the reality of people feigning ignorance towards such serious events at the workplace and pretending as if everything is normal.


The other act, that was, as thought-provoking as this was the one named ‘Jail’. Vivek is in the jail and his ‘Akka’ comes to visit him. She has come to see him after four months and Vivek asks her if she spoke to the lawyer and when is she taking him out of the jail. She keeps increasing the timeline of his release which infuriates Vivek. At the end, she agrees, that after caring for her siblings for the past 30 years and not having a life of her own, she now wants that life. She accepts that she has no intentions of getting him out of jail anytime soon.

There are jokes like ‘I don’t even know how I had the baby in the middle of looking after all of you’ and ‘Don’t add salt in my brother’s food if you are already putting urine, since he has blood pressure problem’. This is probably how all those older siblings feel who have sacrificed their life for their brothers and sisters.


There was another named ‘Ventrakolism’. This is the story of Albert, a ventriloquist and his puppet, Tammy, played by Sumukhi. It is through and through funny, till the point where Tammy points out the fact that since Albert was a ‘coward’ and could not stand up to those who abused him, he is lonely and finds peace with his puppet.

There were silent sketches too – one where they play tennis and the other in which Sumukhi is a mosquito, who annoys Naveen’s character, who is trying to sleep. Even without any dialogues, it was hilarious and that requires a lot of talent, which Sumukhi and Naveen have in abundance.

Watch this Go Straight, Take Left; we’re sure you will not be disappointed and might be tempted to watch it on repeat mode.


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