Gaurav Gupta: Humour Sapiens

Gaurav Gupta’s video on Delhi NCR

One of the most popular baniyas, Gaurav Gupta becomes extravagant while delivering jokes. He is dentist by profession, a husband by possession and a comedian by the recession. He is based out of Delhi and is amongst the funniest comics of the capital. Gaurav was also a finalist in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge 2017. Gaurav Gupta’s video on Delhi NCR is his newest one wherein he talks about living in Laxmi Nagar area of East Delhi and eventually moving to another great location, Ghaziabad.

He has lots of interesting stuff to share about both the locations. In this video, he talks about precisely those. This video describes funny incidents from his life in Delhi NCR. Since Laxmi Nagar is recognised as a place where people come for CA preparation. It can be referred to as Kota for CA aspirants. There are more funny inferences about the place.

Highlights of Gaurav Gupta’s video on Delhi NCR

On getting the cabs stuck

Gaurav Gupta: Humour Sapiens

Introducing the concept of earthing

Gaurav Gupta: Humour Sapiens

Counting the number of ways in which you can die in East Delhi…aka Final Destination script

Gaurav Gupta: Humour Sapiens

On sorted lives of South Delhi peeps

Gaurav Gupta: Humour Sapiens


There’s more to it. Watch the full video here:

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