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Funny people spin their gloom into polite applause!

On Sunday, Oct 7, Bearfoot Café in Bengaluru saw a stand-up comedy open mic, hosted by the Black Buck Comedy. Well, technically it wasn’t an open mic – it was a booked show. But could easily be mistaken for an open mic where funny people spin their gloom into polite applause!

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The Humour Sapiens

Namit Jain, Arvind Sunder, Sparsh Kumar Sinha, Yash Gayatri Parikh, Pronoy Chowdhury, Lakshaya Malhotra, Maninder Singh, Ritesh Banerjee, Abhishek Aggarwal, Rupesh Kumar, Rrahul Topiwala together presented an evening full of laughs, at the comfy café.

The audience was a mix of young and old. Well, a handful oldies, in all honesty. It was great to see them relish the madness.

The Matter of Jokes

The trainload of jokes and anecdotes was steered by Namit, who was indeed great at being funny. With a mix of political, carnal jokes, he drove the whole show with finesse and ease.

Namit Jain

Rrahul Topiwala, with an extra R and a lanky figure floored everyone. Byproduct of a Gujju and Punjabi matrimony, brought to light that intermissions are so awkwardly placed in the Hollywood movies. Unlike Bollywood, where Shah Rukh Khan unveils intermission as he walks off the frame, Hollywood is so abrupt that the LIC ad comes up out of nowhere.

Rrahul Topiwala

He was followed by Arvind Sunder, the big man full of diet. Distressed with his life, he told the audience his Tinder experience. Wherein, a girl gladly gave her phone number as 100, and on calling up, a female answered who planned on getting handcuffs while coming to see him. Aha. “kinky”, that’s the first thought that crossed the mind of our comic.

Arvind Sunder

Rupesh Kumar Yadav, came with a small paper in his hand, which he stated is his habit. He keeps a note so that he doesn’t forget things. He, however, was extremely disappointed because his school mates and teachers never understood this simple fact. When he carried that paper to exam halls, they were insensitive enough to tag it as cheating. Unfair, isn’t it?

Rupesh Kumar Yadav

Next came Sparsh Sinha, who allegedly looks creepy and stands like a superhero. Once again, the victim of Tinder inside him spoke. He didn’t seem happy that men need to make a lot of effort on Tinder, but women just need to have their gender ‘female’ as the eligibility criteria to land a right swipe.

Sparsh Sinha

It was now the turn for Lakshaya Malhotra, who assured everyone that the dead fish in his aquarium wasn’t eaten with rice for dinner that evening. However, he seemed unsure of why he doesn’t have to go to office after asking for work reports and updates from his boss on his tasks.

Lakshaya Malhotra

Then came Chunnu aka Yash Gayatri Parikh who didn’t seem happy with his face. To be precise, his puppy face, that gets a lot of attention from all the wrong people. We are sure, he soon would get his aadhaar card tattooed on his forehead.

Yash Gayatri Parikh

Ritesh Banerjee’s entry was greeted by a powercut. (hence, this picture via the Black Buck Comedy) He shared about his twisted family, that likes to either visit a doctor or wash clothes. His mother’s fascination to wash clothes has reached a point that on meeting people, she now asks for clothes to wash, as niceties.

Ritesh Banerjee

Abhishek Aggarwal was a pani puri enthusiast, who compared the earth to a pani puri. Also, he made the audience ponder over the possibility of pani puri given same respect as national anthem. You’ll have to watch him to know why!

Abhishek Aggarwal

Everyone was in the fun train when Maninder aka Funny Manny entered the scene. He talked about his friend who came to Bangalore from Delhi like a baba black sheep with 3 bags full. When asked, what did he get, the reply left the audience rolling with laughter. His friend had got, “Swag, BC.”

Maninder Singh

Last but certainly not the least, was Pronoy Chowdhury. Okay, well, least in the height. And his act revolved around his father’s attempts on making him tall, experimenting with everything from milk to milk with complan and to pushing him towards a sport that tall people play – Basketball.

Pronoy Chowdhury

As soon as Pronoy left, Namit dived in the front of the audience, without wasting a second, with his yet another fun stuff. He called it a day, after cheering for the Black Buck Comedy team, who put together the entire show!

The BlackBuck Comedy

Like some?

If you missed this one, fret not! There are many more shows lined up.

Next one is on Oct 12 at Insta Wash Cafe, BTM, Bengaluru. Book the tix here: https://in.bookmyshow.com/bengaluru/events/stand-up-comedy/ET00085052

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