Funniest Indians to Subscribe to on YouTube

5 Funniest Indians to Subscribe to on YouTube

A few years ago, if you would mention stand-up comedy to someone in India, the only show that would probably come to mind was The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. Well, you cannot blame anyone, since that was the only choice we had. But now, things are looking bright for the Indian stand-up comedy scene, with many of them taking on the world with their perfect comic timing. We bring to you 5 funniest Indians to subscribe to on YouTube.

Zakir Khan

This ‘sakth launda’, with his genuine smile and down-to-earth comedy, has become a darling of the masses. He is your ‘guy next door’ type of guy when it comes to his acts; you keep wondering throughout if he is talking about himself or you! The USP of his comedy lies in the way he talks to his audience – simple and just like you would talk to your friend. He takes on the nuances of daily life and adds his personal touch to every anecdote. Watch his special on Amazon ‘Haq Se Single’; it hits all the right notes.

All India Bakchod

Well, apart from the fact that they are probably the first ones in India to come up with stand-up comedy and make it so popular, these guys are ‘creatively’ funny; it is hilarious and at the same time, hard-hitting. Take for instance, their sketch on ‘Honest Indian Weddings’ – it is definitely rib-tickling, but also thought-provoking. Their videos are so popular that foreigners review them and find it awesome!

East India Comedy

Yet another group, which is taking over the internet. The comedy is just crazy and so are the members themselves. Not sticking to just videos and individual stand-up acts, they also have podcasts and a show called EIC V/S Bollywood, where they rip apart the worst movies of that year in their own comic style. Not just that, once in a while, they also come out with songs, mostly political, which will make you cry with laughter. Watch their song on Donald Trump and you will understand what we are talking about.

Abhish Mathew

Every time he’s on stage, it is a total laugh riot. Apart from the various stage shows that he does, he also has his own chat show ‘Son of Abish’, with leading comedians and actors as his guests. His acts are anything but usual – energetic and improvised. He is so versatile that he has been part of many sketches and videos including AIB. The topics he chooses are usually generic but the way he says it leaves the audience in a split always. He has now taken the role of anchoring Comicstaan on Amazon.

Varun Thakur

Varun’s acts are a mix of observation, and impersonation among others. He states the facts as it is but with dollops of humour and with an alter ego, Vicky. In fact, the character became so famous that Varun came out with a one-hour special called Vicky this side – Varun that side.

While we share the deets about funniest Indians to subscribe to ON YOUTUBE, we certainly cannot miss out on these:

Vir Das

He is the face of Indian English stand-up comic acts. The weirdass humorous content of the channel is sure to make you laugh out loud.

The Viral Fever Video

The brain behind Viral Video ‘Rowdies’ & Bollywood ‘Aam Aadmi Party’, TVF is very similar to that AIB, with more than 4M subscribers on their channel.

Cyrus Brocha’s ‘The week that wasn’t’

Starring Cyrus Brocha, it is a satirical news show based on the day to day happenings in India. Tough no new videos have been uploaded in the past few months, but old videos are equally worthy to make you laugh.


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