Dolly Singh: Humour Sapiens

Dolly Singh: Spilling the Sass to 1M Fans

Dolly Singh aka Raju ki Mummy has been spilling the sass and making us fall in love with her a little more, with every new avatar she creates. She hails from the beautiful city, Nanital and is known for her funny take on day to day things. She also holds a Master’s degree from NIFT, Delhi.

Interested in the fashion industry, Dolly interned with iDiva, who offered her the post of a writer on completion of her internship. Therein, she landed an opportunity to multi-task in the iDiva videos as the producer, writer and actor.

Hitting 1M on Instagram 🥳

We have been following Dolly from the times of ‘Spill the Sass’, and witnessing her hard work. On Monday, 24 Aug, Dolly hit a million followers on Instagram. The credit indeed goes to her creativity, commitment to churn new content, and being relatable at all times. She as well has a strong following of 360K people on Youtube.

Lockdown Delight 😇

We all have been at homes for almost six months now, and the Dalgona days are gone. There’s a constant need of a happy-push to keep us going. That’s where Dolly’s content comes to rescue. She is a delight to watch, and the kind of exciting content she’s been creating certainly keeps us afloat during these times. We are sure, managing everything by herself must have gotten overwhelming for her, but she’s the boss, apple sauce!

The best part about her posts are her self-acceptance messages, and of course her dog, Phoebe. 🐶

Take a look at her comedy videos that make her fans roll with laughter. 🤣

  1. Raju ki mummy: Dolly’s Raju Ki Mummy avatar took the internet by storm. Inspired by her own mother, this character leaves us in splits every time we watch it. Her honest bon mots with celebs are too good to miss. But poor Raju, always has to bear her wrath – flying chappal received by Raju for not completing his homework.


  1. This or that: Her iPhone vs Android, Chai vs Coffee, Delhi vs Mumbai videos are so on-point and relatable. Throughout the video, we are rooting for our favourite of the two, hoping for it to come up with the best responses and slay the other. But somehow, she manages to keep both the sides happy. 😃


  1. Guddi bhabhi: The rich South Delhi daughter in law, Guddi has a perfect response to everything. Her point of views on everyday situations are hilarious and so is the catchphrase ‘Cheeni Kamm hai Chhotu’ in the end.


  1. Real life situations: Been there, seen that, done that, felt that – this is what her videos make us say. The reactions to quotidian situations she shows in her videos are so apt, it leaves us wondering, “how does she know?” From opening a new toothpaste and relatives asking for marriage plans, to looking for just the right song before a chore, her videos are so accurate. But our favourite has to be ‘Pooping in someone else’s house’.


  1. Zeenat: This avatar deserves a few extra hearts 💕. We find ourselves scrolling through her feed every few days, just to see if Zeenat is back with “Salaam! Zeenat, pehchana?”

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All the singles, unite please! 🤣🤣

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There’s a lot more interesting content on here Instagram feed. Check out, if you already haven’t!



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