Devesh Dixit: Humour Sapiens

Devesh Dixit‘s The Big Bhaang Story

Devesh Dixit as we all know is known for his observational comedy and story telling skills. His newest video The Big Bhaang Story is all about his time spent after the completion of his MBA with his friends getting high.

For those who have experienced getting high with friends in college, this will bring back some memories.

Devesh starts off by stating that his viewers think he is high when he gets on stage to perform and shares an insight as per which… “MBA is a scam.”

Why? Because they say it’s a two-year course and finish it off within a year and half.

Which brings us to another ‘Why?’. Here’s why.

Devesh Dixit: Humour Sapiens

Now, when it is time for MBA to get over, and you are not ready to accept the responsibilities, you seek ways to stay in your happy bubble. That’s exactly what his group did. They stayed back away from homes for another six months to make the most of their responsibility-free life!

But…when the urge to get high gets strong, stringent actions are required.
More Money or No Money, that’s not even the question!

Devesh Dixit: Humour Sapiens

Came to rescue the ‘Bhaang ka gola’ which was accepted in unison by the approving lot. But there was a slight problem…how do you eat Bhaang?

Now it was time for the leader to step up. What follows further is an absolutely hilarious tale of indulging in the pleasures of Bhaang and the chaos it led to.

To know how the leader became the leader, and how bhaang almost landed them at Sharda hospital, you have to watch the video.

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