Brook's 37: Humour Sapiens

Comedy Night at Brook’s 37

It hurts when we realise it’s Sunday evening and after about 12 hours we will be back to our jobs, working excessively to make a mark into the corporate world. We end up questioning ourselves, “do we really need this job?”. We worry, we panic. But what we forget is, there are so many stand-up comics, aka, the humour sapiens working hard to keep us entertained. Spend a couple of hours with them, and you will gather, Life is Fun! We spent the first December weekend exploring the comedy night at Brook’s 37.

How not to waste your Sunday night?

Suno Bey, an up and coming comedy club in Bengaluru Circuit organised a fun-filled event in the premise of Brook’s 37, a famous Bar & Kitchen in Brookfield. The setting was perfect, dim-lit ambiance, spacious and the stage was aptly set. The artists seemed promising and hosts amicable. And there we were, all seated and eagerly waiting for the show to begin.

Brook's 37: Humour Sapiens

The Humour Sapiens for the night!

Rishabh Kanishk as host, greeted all and introduced his comedy club ‘Suno Bey’. It was as if he was telepathically infusing energy into the audience at set to nosh on fun and food.

Rishab Kanishk: Humour Sapiens

The show started with Sumit and Kishore cracking everyone up with their co-ordinated rapid fire. Their set of punny jokes was enough to set the mood. The audience thoroughly enjoyed it.

Just as the punny flight of questions came to an end, Sumit Naganath took the mic to treat the audience with his funny Superhero jokes. He pointed out that Superman and Louis Lane are always getting cosy when the world is in crisis and in need of a superhero. Also, his take on the Indian driving schools was laugh worthy. Got to hear him to know the essence.
Sumit: Humour Sapiens

It was then the turn for Kritesh Singh to jump into the spotlight. He reminded us how unskilled we are when it comes to bargaining. If we compare our capabilities with our mother’s, we suck! He highlighted, that considering the drought in our bargaining-skills department, we should never dare to bargain.

Kritesh: Humour Sapiens

Ram came up next. He took the jibe on how useless Youtube is, and how over smart Google is. These two collectively do more bad than good to you. He humorously taught us that Google is not always right. Want to learn the lesson too? You got to hear him out!

Ram: Humour Sapiens

Kishore Yadav, the next performer, made a funny comment on “dhokha” (betrayal) in friendship, and narrated how he had fights with his friend over the girlfriend issues. He also talked about his life goals, which are like the sci-fi movie character Hollow Man. Sounds Inspirational, no?

Kishore: Humour Sapiens

Debasish Rath took to stage. A funny Odiya guy who got married years ago. He was in the spot narrating his marital life issues and the ways he tackles them. This only left the crowd in a laugh riot.

Debasish: Humour Sapiens

The last but the best performer of the day, according to us, was Rishabh Kanishk. His act on ‘Son of Mishra Ji’ was extremely hilarious, and it fetched a loud applause. Hailing from Bokaro, a town that lies between MS Dhoni’s Ranchi and Gangs of Wasseypur’s Faisal Khan’s Dhanbad, you can expect the quality and aggression both. Before he signed off, he pointed out that girls are complicated species and his hearing out his logic on it was fun.

To sum up, the comedy night with Suno Bey and Brook’s 37 ended on a hilarious note!

Next Show:

Chai, Samosa & Hasi Majaak is happening on Dec 16th, 7pm onward at Mana Placido.

Connect with them on Facebook to book.

Photo Courtesy: Suno Bey 

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