comedy is a serious business

Comedy is a serious business

Humour is not just a pleasant way to spend some easy time, there’s more to it – more than something that just amuses one. To get a little poetic, humour and comedy are entwined impeccably to produce the energy juice for our existence. A little jibe here and a little laugh there – struggling tends to become less hard.    

From self-deprecating jokes to watercooler talks in office, from a random incident in metro train to ranting about boss with friends, there’s humour in everything.

Do you think humour as comedy can transform the way we look at things? Make us feel tad bit better about ourselves?! Could be, no? Getting some laughs helps us get detached to a situation and change the way we think.

Getting detached from reality by the means of comedy opens doors for us to look at a problem from distance, helps in solving it in a better manner. Also, hearing how annoying things are for others that those have started to sound funny, offers a satisfying feeling of sorts. More like, I’m glad this isn’t the case with me. Phew!

Humour for engagement

Not just humour a great way to vent your frustration, saying, “haha, bitch” but also a great way to engage with each other, else we’d have hit each other with bricks and sticks.

Comedians be accredited to keep you sane, by sharing simple ideas in different shades of funny. Else you know what could have happened. Hint: bricks and sticks.
At the same time, it cannot be denied, no matter how funny comedy may be for you, the day comics decide to pursue it as a career, it becomes serious for them.

“Comedy is a serious business. A serious business with only one purpose–to make people laugh.” ~ W. C. Fields

comedy is a serious business
True that, and to fulfil this purpose, hard work is required. Consistent writing till the passing spirits click their tongues at your constant writing-deleting, charming stage presence even if your legs are shaking and words refuse to pop out of your mouth, and originality backed with preparedness.

Stage presence is something that comes to you with time, a serious comic goes full throttle on writing and preparedness. This is the reason it is said, “To market yourself before being well prepared is a call of death!” And who doesn’t want to avoid early death?!

The smiles and giggles you experience has a sincere attempt gone behind it, hiding the shaky legs and the jitters. That’s the recipe for an amused audience. And it takes a lot of seriousness to make everyone happy, when you aren’t a bubblewrap!

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