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Comedy Content Creators: One actor, funniness manifold

Being a comedian is a tough cookie, but the new-age comedy content creators are not just sincere but also smart. They don’t need a big director, a renowned production house or a huge budget to get people glued to their craft.

All they need is a good selfie camera, video altering filters, and the video/photo apps. Once they lay their hands onto these, in no time their talent spreads wings and captivates viewers with multiple characters online.

One of the finest digital content creators online is Gaurav Gera. In his avatars as Chutki and shopkeeper, Billi Massi and Barish, he has entertained the masses and given a lighter dose of comedy. His character Aadu is loved even with the kids. His snapchats have become a rage.

Another content creator rocking the social media is Mallika Dua, in her avatars such as Makeup Didi, Komal and Smylie Jenner.

Snapchat has made life easy

Thanks to easy-to-go snapchat filters, they can make videos anywhere without even people getting to know! Teehee!
Though Snapchat has made life easy for them and fun for us, churning out original content every now and then is hard, and these guys do an amaze job!

Other guys who are soaring high on this multiple-character wave are Comedian Bhuvan Bam and Rahul Subramanian. Their talent is such that they see a distinct character in real life, sometimes two or three, and they become the combination of those.

And boy! People are loving them.

Rahul Subramanian’s character Manoharan is an exciting amalgamation of his three real uncles. Bhuvan Bam makes creative YouTube videos on Group Studies and Dr. Sehgall.

Undoubtedly, the internet has empowered comedians and they are utilising it to its utmost potential to increase their fans, by expressing themselves freely, from a small window of mobile screens.

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