Books Authored by Funny People

Books Authored by Funny People

Some of the most-talented peeps in the entertainment field are Comedians. Not only do they tell jokes, but in order to make their audience laugh, comedians sing, dance, act, mimic. They are performers, not just comedians. With all these talents, comes their talent of writing. Writing scripts, lyrics and book. Here, we bring to you a few names who have not just made it large on the stage, but also off the stage. It is no surprise that these comedians have found success as authors. If you’re looking for your next favourite book, below you’ll find some of the books authored by funny people.

Books Authored by Funny People


Ex-cofounder of East India Company, and ace comedian, Sorabh Pant has written 3 books. A mind that, aside from belonging to a writer, also belongs to a stand-up comedian who has been touted as one of the country s top ten in The Times of India.

The Wednesday Soul:

Sorabh Pant’s debut novel, The Wednesday Soul, was incepted when a few incidents threatened to unsettle his blossoming career as a TV personality. Though he was certain that the accidents happening with his life were caused by his ex-girlfriend’s black magic, but he considered digging a bit deep and write a book. However, on becoming a comedian, he decided to leave that task to Bengali and dead Russian authors. Thereafter, he decided to explore the idea of another book on the world of death from the perspective of a certifiable lunatic, a world of rockstar gods, late celebrities, gargantuan creatures and other substance abuse-related figments of his imagination. After five years and eighty-seven re-writes later, The Wednesday Soul was born.

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Under Delhi:

His second book, packed with hilarious flair and blatant voice, is about a girl name Tanya Bisht and her troubles with the issues of sexual assault and rape in Delhi. As wise politicians and holymen state that the girls who get raped are merely “asking for it”. Their skimpy clothes and fast food eating habits add to their sexual vibes. But, there is always the failsafe, call your would-be rapist “bhaiya” and he will be filled with brotherly remorse and will let you go. And that’s how any woman in Delhi can avoid being raped.

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Pawan – The Flying Accountant:

A superhero novel about an invincible humanoid who is suicidal. Set in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh, in an alternate reality. Arjun Singh, an accountant by the day and a reluctant demigod-superhero by the night, but he’d rather care about GST than his superpowers. Soon to be murdered by goons, he couldn’t be happier but things do not go as per the plan. He survives! What’s worse? He’s forced to work for an alcohol baron’s unofficial army, assassinate terrorists and fall into life-or-death battles with a Chinese dragon.

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The doctor inside Jagdish Chaturvedi made him write a few books on inventing medical devices and how should medicine be taught. His books – Inventing Medical Devices: A Perspective from India and Medical Theatre – Course Book: Teaching Medicine Using Theatre were published in 2015 & The Benefits of Failing Successfully: 10 Hidden Benefits of Making Mistakes and Failing was published in 2017. Herein, he shares his experiences, anecdotes, insights and failures while inventing medical devices in India. The idea is to give entrepreneurs (clinicians, engineers, designers, business professionals) a realistic expectation of the time, money, co-ordination and teamwork required to develop a medical device in India.

One year of Stand-up comedy: A Journey in India:

The stand-up comic inside him wrote this when a doctor-turned-innovator-turned-author, could not balance his schedule effectively to perform as an actor. He chose to transition from theatre to a comparatively less schedule-intensive art form – stand-up comedy. This book is about the first year of his journey in the world of stand-up and touches upon aspects of being a successful comedian, such as the process of writing jokes, delivering them, promoting a show, branding oneself, understanding the audience and even rescuing the show.

This book talks about the experiences of a budding stand-up comedian and carries a section that provides valuable advice from seasoned and experienced stand-up comedians.

For all those aspiring comics, this book is your answer to all unanswered questions. Grab it and accelerate your journey towards the stage and the spotlight.

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This foreign comedian with Indian connect, he is also an actor, producer, director, and a writer! Aziz has donned the hats of all these roles perfectly. You must have seen him before on the Netflix original series “Master of None”.

Modern Romance:

To Aziz, the dawn of the technological generation and how it affects humans in regard to intimacy, has been extremely confusing, yet fascinating. In Modern Romance, he explores the modern form of courtships – from tinder to eggplant emoticons. He as well talks to experts and explores the oddities and complexities that are present in such relationships.

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