Bhavish Ailani: Humour Sapiens

Bhavish Ailani’s Creepy Guys, Shikha & South Mumbai Accent

Sindhi by birth, comic by profession, MBA by qualification, Bhavish Ailani is has been making a living with his art of being funny. He has been in the stand-up scene for over 7 years, and excels observational comedy and practices self-deprecating humour to make life bearable. And now he is out with his new video.

Bhavish Ailani’s newest video Creepy Guys, Shikha & South Mumbai Accent is a total fun ride.

He starts off with a situation he got stuck into while hosting a show wherein a guy wanted to ask his girlfriend out in the middle of Bhavish’s performance. Sadly, he couldn’t take a raincheck on that. But he left us wondering, what if she had said ‘No.’

Bhavish also shares about the time he went on a date and the girl got into the Anu Malik avatar and started judging him for his height.

Bhavish Ailani: Humour Sapiens

He further talks about people getting married and their ‘together forever’ selfies on social media, and makes a strong point that a drool-worthy guy like Brad Pitt has been divorced twice.

Bhavish Ailani: Humour Sapiens

Not just this, Bhavish Ailani highlights how the most guys who ask for bobs and vegens on facebook look like him and Siddhesh. And shares his experience of going to Gurgaon which made him believe that the city was extremely unsafe for women.

Bhavish Ailani: Humour Sapiens

There are many more hilarious anecdotes to dote on. Find out who Shikha is, how can you save a life and how South Mumbai people pronounce Four.

Trust is, you are in for a laughter roller coaster.
Check out Bhavish Ailani’s Creepy Guys, Shikha & South Mumbai Accent here.

His other videos can be checked out on his youtube channel.

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