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Best 5 acts from the Sakht Launda, Zakir Khan

Stand-up comedy, an art form that has taken a sudden flight in the last few years as one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Lots of stand-up comedy events are being held in almost every big city, and the countless YouTube videos are shared carrying the creative content. One of the many stand-up performers who have gained considerable recognition in the recent past is Zakir Khan. He is known for using humour to point out what is wrong with society.

Zakir has had quite an interesting journey. Born and raised in Indore in Madhya Pradesh, Zakir belongs to a family with a strong musical background. He loves playing Sitar and likes singing and composing songs.

Zakir says that he was bullied as a child and was made fun of for his complexion and appearance. These incidents made him bold and turned humour into his shield. He believes that one should wear his individuality as a badge and not a baggage.

His road to funniness began when one of his friends suggested him go for an open mic in Delhi. He used to write jokes since childhood. Also, having studied in a boys’ school, he had a trainload of anecdotes that could make people roll on the floor.

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Zakir gained popularity in Delhi with his numerous comedy events, post which he was called to Mumbai to write for a new comedy show, ‘On Air with AIB’. This turned out to be the next stepping stone for his career. He went on to win the title of ‘India’s Best Stand Up Comedian’ in a show by Comedy Central India.

Here are SOME FUNNY VIDEOS from the khan of comedy:

When the sakht launda informed us that, ‘Baadal Important Hain’

When he explained what happens when you failed an exam

When he demanded respect at the Levis store & bought an iPhone for some more

When he talked about the girl he never met, aka Unicorn

When he assured us that people cooperate with cool peeps



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