Bass Kar Bassi: Humour Sapiens

Bass Kar Bassi Feat. Anubhav Singh Bassi

Bass Kar Bassi – A stand-up special featuring Anubhav Singh Bassi was held at Opus Club, Bengaluru. Organised by Oriole Entertainment and Blackbuck Comedy in unison, it was indeed a Sunday made funday. Bassi talked about the struggles in his career and his lifestyle. It was funny because none of it seemed like struggle, but pure fun. Humour Sapiens is delighted to have witnessed the fun-tastic Bassi.

Bass Kar Bassi: Humour Sapiens

The Opening

The show began with Maninder Singh urging everyone not to shoot ‘Bass Kar Bassi’ and put it on any porno website, leaving everyone in splits.

Bass Kar Bassi: Humour Sapiens

The opening act was from Subhashish Bharuka who apparently doesn’t like his name and doubts that his birth was actually a mistake. He talked about how he committed some mistakes in his childhood, one of which is getting married. He further talked about how Lakshman from Ramayana is so undervalued, and we acknowledged his contribution in the most cringe-worthy way possible. Want to know how? You have to hear him out in his next show!

Bass Kar Bassi: Humour Sapiens

Next up was Rupesh Kumar Yadav, who talked about standing on the National Anthem for 34 mins due to bad connection, his friend Chikki who’s a ticket checker at a movie theatre has acquired a no-genre-syndrome. And much more. Check him out on his next.

Bass Kar Bassi: Humour Sapiens

Bass Kar Bassi

Then came the man himself – Anubhav Singh Bassi who appreciated Bangalore audience for understanding art. He shared how Gurgaon audience challenges him to try and make them laugh. He went on to tell everyone that his father didn’t know what he does until a few months ago. Bassi disclosed what his father thought he does. Hint…Gutthi.

Just then, someone from the audience told us about him being from Muzzafarnagar. Bassi leapt on the opportunity to make fun and left everyone rolling with laughter. He told how, even today Muzzafarnagar chaps call a ‘memory card’ as a ‘chip’ and ‘earphones’ as ‘lead’.

Bass Kar Bassi: Humour Sapiens

Anubhav also shared his struggle of preparing for IPS and renting a separate house. He talked about how he prepared such difficult syllabus, reading newspapers and living in the momo-town.

Lastly, he called it a day by bringing our attention to the songs by lyricist Sameer. We could never have imagined what he unveiled to us, sheer talent and creativity of the lyricist. This one is an unmissable joke inspired from reality, and is sure to make you say, “Bass Kar Bassi.”

From start till the end, from jokes to audience interaction, Bassi’s demeanor with which he conducted the show was a complete value for money.


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