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Azeem Banatwalla’s Man vs Fridge

Azeem Banatwalla recently came up with his newest video ‘Man vs Fridge’ and it is nothing but Truth. He explains why every fridge in the world is always full, even Ambani’s.

He starts off with sharing his latest learnings which can prove to be really helpful in your day to day life, such as DAFUQ, IDGAF, etc are internet abbreviations and apparently not some Muslim names. Insightful, isn’t it?

Azeem then moves ahead and shares the rules that people living in Bandra have to follow, and the pressure it brings with it. Jogging regularly and shopping at Nature’s Basket are the essentials if you don’t want t get thrown out of Bandra. The reason why he follows those strict rules is because Bandra is a cool place and it has lots of bakeries Patisseries. It’s like a bakery version of Shashi Tharoor. He highlights how these patisseries have unnecessarily creative yet threatening names, sinful chocolate, devil’s moose, and the likes.

It’s like chocolate is the new tobacco. Soon you’ll see Rahul Dravid in chocolate ads urging people to quit, otherwise you know what happened to Mukesh – Death by chocolate.

Azeem also shares his plight of managing a fridge and how he plays tetris every night trying to fit things in the fridge. But the crux of the matter is, no matter how big a fridge you have, you will always lack space to store things.

While this is a fact, there’s another fact that he makes us aware of…our incapability and unwillingness to throw away the stuff we get from Dominoes, be it oregano,  chili flakes or tissue paper. All kept safely in the second shelf of the fridge, beside expired sauces. How fridging awesome!

You cannot just miss this video. Every second of it will leave you grinning and wondering how does this man do it. Smooth deliveries bowled us over and left us wanting for more!

Check out this complete video here:


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