Appurv Gupta: Humour Sapiens

Appurv Gupta’s Hotel Wala Experience

We’ve all had our hotel wala experience that Appurv Gupta decided to talk about in his new video. From picking up miniature shampoos and moisturizers, to sugar and coffee sachets from the hotels we’ve stayed at, we all have met the Ross form Friends in our life. Just because we have paid, our stay should be worth the money spent.

Some people take it too seriously though. Remember that family who stole anything and everything they could see or touch from their hotel in Bali. While that was an act of pure shamefulness, Appurv Gupta’s Hotel Wala Experience is nothing like it. The video is Trending on #12 and crossed over a million plus views on YouTube.

Here’s Hotel Ki Kahaani, GuptaJi ki Zubaani, wherein he talks about how straight-forward the girl is at the reception of a 5-star hotel and how crazy we get just at the thought of bathing in a tub. He also talks about the bathrobes and the towels people slip into their bags.

Highlights of the video:

The way hotel receptionists treat you makes you feel…

Appurv Gupta: Humour Sapiens

That moment when you are alone with the service boy in a lift & he tries to strike a convo…

Appurv Gupta: Humour Sapiens

Refusing to read a manual, because Confidence…

Appurv Gupta: Humour Sapiens

What happens when we Indians see a bathtub…

Appurv Gupta: Humour Sapiens

More towels to you…

Appurv Gupta: Humour Sapiens

There’s more. Check out the complete video:

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