Anand Rathnam: Humour Sapiens

Anand Rathnam on Being Single, Dogs and Football

Civil engineer turned stand-up comedian, Anand Rathnam, started comedy 3 years ago. He has performed in places such as Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Coorg, Coimbatore since 2015. Anand boasts of knowing life better than anyone, and his comedy reflects that!

Anand’s brand of comedy is observational and opinionated, mostly drawn from real life experiences. To be precise, it involves a fair mix of observation, creativity and exaggeration. He prefers doing comedy in Hinglish.

Here we share his video, Being Single, Dogs and Football, wherein he shares with us his insights on life, people and dogs.

He doesn’t know how to handle over expressive couples

Anand Rathnam: Humour Sapiens

He has one request to make to women of the world

Anand Rathnam: Humour Sapiens

All his friends have foreign breed of dogs

Anand Rathnam: Humour Sapiens

Football is no longer an aggressive game

Nope, no more spoilers, watch Anand Rathnam’s video here:

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