Amazon Prime Told India’s Top Comedians to ‘Stop Joking’

Twitter turned into a battleground after Amazon Prime VIDEO’s official handle asked top notch comedians of India to ‘Stop Joking’.

…and this activated the troll police.

Doing comedy is a serious business and the stand-up artists we have are not just talented but courageous too. Cracking savage jokes and dealing with the trolls. Tough cookie!

But this time, the roll reversal happened. Comedians boarded the troll express and went on to troll Amazon Prime Video. The banter took an interesting route, luckily for us .

So, it all started on a fine monday morning with a fresh off-the-shelf tweet.

Prime Tweet - amazon

Almost everyone had a raised eyebrow, as to why is Amazon Prime Video is promoting old content.

In no time, comedians jumped in to do what they do best! Roasting!

Biswa acted as the torch bearer…Biswa Kalyan Rath - amazon

Kanan Gill was right behind him…Kanan Gill - amazon prime

Soon after, Sapan Verma & Naveen Richard joined him…Naveen & sapan

Tanmay & Kenny as well came to say ‘Hi’…Tanmay & Kenny

It was now the turn of Amazon Prime Video’s Twitter handle that went full-blown troll-mode. It came up with the posters that said B.U.R.N.






And They Fought Back…

Fight back

Avengers, indeed! They fought for the place that belongs to them.
But can you imagine what would happen if these comedians stopped joking? Oooh, bro, scary!

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