Kunal Kamra

Against All Odds: Kunal Kamra

He has a lazed up attitude about his demeanour, but when it comes to comedy, Kunal Kamra, seems to prove the line ‘Love Him or Hate Him, but you can’t ignore him’ is made for him, since that is what has been happening to him, from the time his first act came on YouTube last year. It was bold and it was humorous, at the same time. He received accolades as well as threats for it, but he just does not seem to bother about it. Most of his acts have at least one political joke and that is what his audience like the most about him.


Kunal dropped out of college and started interning at MTV when he was just 17-years-old. A year after that, he started working with Corcoise Films as a production assistant, for the next six years.


He tried stand-up comedy for the first time in 2013. But then, Kunal started pursuing it seriously only last year with an act on ‘Patriotism & the Government’. This act was so powerful content-wise and jokes-wise, that it grabbed a lot of attention.

He made fun of people who always end up saying “Hamaare jawaan Siachen mein lad rahe hain,” whenever someone complains about the government. The line, since then, has gone viral. It is definitely a political issue that he took, but it has humorous punches in every line he speaks.  “I went and stood in the line, not for money, but for content” he says about the demonetization. He even speaks about the controversial JNU students issue and still manages to get laughs out of us.

Gau Rakshaks & Tripple Talaq

The comedian takes it up a notch higher with his latest act. Though the act was on how he takes revenge on old people for all that they have done to him, what stands out are the parts where he cracks jokes on all the Gau Rakshaks and the ‘hidden’ agenda behind the Government’s plan to scrap the Triple Talaq rule. Kunal Kamra is just a class apart.

The inexplicable goodness of Uber & Ola

Not all his acts are politically-motivated though. There was one act on Taxis and that was equally funny. He takes on Uber and Ola, apart from the local taxis. “We are not used to so much goodness” he says about the apps.

Shut Up Ya Kunal

Like a few other comedians, he also has a podcast on YouTube; his is called ‘Shut Up Ya Kunal’, where in a matter of about five odd episodes, he has had guests like Ravish Kumar (Journalist) and Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Kahlid (JNU Students). It has its moments of fun and humour too!

With such strong but chilled-out acts, we just cannot stop wondering who or what will the subject of his next act. But, one thing that we are sure of is this Mumbai lad is definitely going to make us roll of our seat laughing with that too!



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