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Aditi Mittal, encouraging the talented Deepika Mhatre

Deepika Mhatre, one of the cutest comics on the block, had no idea what she was going to perform when she first stepped on stage. It was the celebration of Women’s Day in a building where she worked, and she showed what being a woman was! Leaving everyone beaming with smiles, she stepped off the stage and a journalist who saw the act put her in touch with India’s renowned, realistic and relatable comic Aditi Mittal. The kind of stories she shared in front of the mic left everyone agape. She was cute, yet witty and her blinging laughter made everyone laugh along, but at themselves! Mittal knew that Mhatre’s spark deserved a bigger stage and a bigger audience which required to be face-to-face with reality. Since then Aditi Mittal has been encouraging the talented Deepika Mhatre.

Deepika Mhatre and Aditi Mittal

After a few days of her performance in the building event, she met Aditi Mittal who asked her to perform and she readily agreed.

Aditi helped Deepika sharpen her material and pick right gigs to gain experience but there was something that Mhatre already had – her style! She was then introduced on by Aditi on her ‘Bad Girls’ series on YouTube where she proudly announced, “Well-behaved women seldom make history…hum itihaas banaane jaa rahein hein!”

With Aditi’s Support Deepika is Doing Wonders

Mhatre mentions, her very long workday begins at 4 am on Mumbai’s local trains and ends at midnight with a stand-up gig. She gladly puts that she uses comedy as a part of her life and work fears no one while standing up in front of a strong audience.

Now, it has been over a year since her first performance, and the 44-year-old is rocking stand-up shows in and around Mumbai. She mentions how she feels so good after every show when people come and hug her because they appreciate her jokes.


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In Her Opinion

She is confident enough to talk on issues that most comics refrain from talking about. Mhatre, with that smile of hers, jokes about how people discriminate against their maids, and mentions that some people understand the gravity of the issue and some even apologise for treating their house helps inaptly.

She is all set to break the class barrier, one show at a time! And we couldn’t love her more. Her acts are a satire on class inequalities. Deepika is on-point when she talks about ‘madams’ who haggle for a few rupees but don’t think twice while buying expensive items at the mall or those ladies who talk down their maids for putting too much oil in their food but order pizzas and burgers in a blink.

Humour Sapiens couldn’t thank Aditi Mittal enough for encouraging this chirpy comic and bringing her to limelight.

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