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Adesh Nichit’s stand-up Parent’s Expectations

Adesh Nichit, a 23-year-old stand-up comic who is an absolute cutie. We almost went ‘aww’ when he spoke, but after listening to his jokes, we were grinning ear to ear. Wondering when did he realise stand-up comedy was his calling? When his mark sheets started becoming funnier with each passing year. Though he doesn’t really have a style in particular, he depicts the daily life things (read: exaggerates) in the funniest way possible. He is known for his improv jokes right in the middle of his act. Adesh has been performing for over 3 years now and already has many accolades to his name. He won Comedy Mic events like IIT Rendezvous and has been hosting shows for Canvas Laugh Club.

In his recent video, Parent’s Expectations, Adesh talks about how parents do something because they have to and then expect us to be obligated for it. He mentions how giving him food, clothes and education is really appreciable, but wasn’t required.

Now his concern is that his parents expect that he reciprocates by getting them good clothes and taking them to nice places. But what they should understand is, it should then be applicable to all the things they did for him as a child – including waking him up at 6 am.

Adesh further adds that once he was punished for stealing 2 rupees by having to stay locked up in his room, without internet. Now he gets punished when parents don’t lock him up, they ask him to sit in front of him. Now that’s the real Punishment! Watch this video to know the kind of tactics he uses to keep his father from checking his phone.

He also reminds how the stories when we were kids were so cute, Dogs and Goats were friends in those.

Kutta aur Bakri baat kar rahe hain…

Bakri: Ek number ka kutta hai tu, apni shaadi mein bhi nahi bulaya.

Kutta: Yaar mai toh bulane wala tha, but meri wife kitni badi Bitch hai.

The funniest bit was when he aptly mentioned how parents these days are so arrogant that they join their names to name their kid. As in, what have you achieved in life after all, that you decided to screw that poor kid’s name and life together. God save him from getting bullied all his life.

There is more to it than just this. Check out the complete video here:

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