Aakash Mehta: Humour Sapiens

Aakash Mehta’s Ma & SushMa

Aakash Mehta is a stand-up comedian, a musician, a writer, and a Law Graduate based out of Mumbai. He has done 1000+ shows, 10+ videos, 3+ tours and has collectively over 14.5 Million views on his videos. That’s not it, he has over 1.5 Lakh subscribers on YouTube. Undoubtedly, whenever he has done a show, he has left people laughing, wanting more of his content!
In his video, Ma and Sushma, isn’t he so right when he says that mothers do overtly fear that something might happen to their children? Also, they are as mean as they are caring. You better not invite their mean side for the sake of keeping your confidence intact.
Another Ma he talks about in his video is Sush’ma’ Swaraj, the external affairs minister, who can do anything. She is the epitome of women who can achieve anything if they have worn sports shoes under saaree.
Watch out this hilarious video by Aakash Mehta:

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