Aakash Gupta

Aakash Gupta: Taking Observational Comedy To A New Level

Aakash Gupta, aka, The Sky Gupta, is a stand-up comedian based out of Delhi, active in the comedy circuit for over 3 years.

His comedy style is mostly observational humour and his sets are full of fun, based on bizarre yet totally relatable topics. He tells jokes and narrates stories while he rants about family or girlfriend. If lucky, you will see him dancing on stage while he recounts the tales.

Featured on NDTV rising stars of comedy and TOI LOL Tuesdays, he has been a regular face at the comedy shows in Delhi and Gurgaon.

His comedy talks about his experiences and observations ranging from his nanimaa’s taunts to his dad ki Maruti and from Indian advertisements to train journeys.

His funniest and finest ones:

When he told the audience, how his mother is fond of bringing home the food items given in Rajdhani Express. Stocked safely for ’emergency’. Watch to know what kind of emergencies.

When the Delhites took a hilarious metro ride with him, and each word truer than the truth.

When he explained how his ex-girlfriend had games to play with him, the ones like Q&A, answers to which she knew already.



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