Aakash Gupta: Humour Sapiens

A night of laughter that was with Aakash Gupta

On 17th May 2019, Zee Loft, Koramangala, Bengaluru saw a mind-blowing performance by the master of observational comedy, Aakash Gupta. The stand-up solo was organized under the flagship of The Blackbuck Comedy.

The show kickstarted with Maninder Singh gearing us up for the night of laughter with his funny tidbits. The energy that was infused left every audience member enthused.

Maninder Singh: Humour Sapiens

Then came the master himself, to own the mic and floored the audience.

Aakash Gupta: Humour Sapiens

Since it is the monsoon season underway, and cold and flu are talk, oops, sneeze of the town. Aakash talked about the types of sneezing and how sneeze differs from person to person. He funnily described the difference of how girls and uncles sneeze. Very topical, we must say!

Aakash went on to elaborate on the types of pan and for the Bengaluru audience, he shed some light on how the Haryana police beats people. Talking of police, he as well explained how the common people of Delhi become the eyes and ears of the Delhi police.

There were many funny snippets from Aakash that ensured we had a blast, especially when he talked about Delhi shopkeepers selling jeans and belts.

The way he made everything so relatable and drew a picture like everything is happening in front of your eyes is truly what makes him the Sky Gupta!



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