Siddharth Dudeja: Humour Sapiens

A man with words and witticism: Siddharth Dudeja

Siddharth Dudeja is absolute brilliance on stage. He can be seen at venues like Canvas Laugh Club and blueFROG. Sometimes he talks about how schools and vegetarians ruined his childhood, and other times, he talks about world peace. Though he believes that killing people with a bad sense of humour is fair, but suicide, that is never an option.
He has performed at many of the major festivals and was also a part of ‘The Best in Stand-up’ where he received a lot of appreciation from the crowd. A man with words and witticism, that’s Siddharth Dudeja.

Why watch him?

He is really funny. He is observant. And he points out really funny observations. Also, he has a really easy and likable style of delivery.

If you haven’t seen Siddharth Dudeja, well, you’re missing out in life.

Here, we bring you his funniest videos. Check out:

  • I come from a govt. school. As a kid, I thought Anonymous was a poet.
    Know about schools, opinions and unaware beggars:

  • Tune miracle nahi, traffic paida kiya hai. Tera bachha bada hoke google pe red line banega.
    Know about the struggles of adulting:

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