Kunal Kamra

7 Times Indian Stand-Up Comics Commented On Serious Issues Using Jokes

There are no two thoughts about it that Indian stand-up comedians have been making us roll on the floor, laughing, for quite some time now. However, there have been times when stand-up comics commented on serious issues that are relevant to the society disguised as jokes and punchlines. Here, we bring to your the seven comments that prove that the Indian stand-up comics make the most sense!

Vipul Goyal on the Modi Ji & the changed Tax structure.

Vipul Goyal

Kunal Kamra on the reason for being patriotic.

Kunal Kamra

Abhishek Upmanyu on homosexuality vs. ghosts.

Abhishek Upmanyu

Sapan Verma on baseless taboos around menstruation.

Sapan Verma

Neeti Palta on being recognised only on Women’s Day.

Neeti Palta

Ashish Shakya on the infamous Padmaavat controversy.

Ashish Shakya

Aditi Mittal on women & safety.

Aditi Mittal


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