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7 masters of Hindi stand-up comedy

The comedy industry in India is largely centred in Mumbai and Delhi NCR and in the past few years has seen lots of admirable comics take up the stage in North India and rock. Though, most Mumbai comedians perform in English or Hinglish, the comics from Delhi NCR with their Punjabi or regional dialects of Hindi have gathered a huge fan base.
Not only do these comics embrace their skill but also kill whenever they perform. Humour Sapiens share with you a few comics, 7 precisely, who we think are all set to be the masters of Hindi stand-up comedy.

Jeeveshu Ahluwalia

The true blue Punjabi, Jeeveshu talks about food in this video and wonderfully explains how all mothers love to cook our not-so-favourite sabzi in every few days. Moreover, the importance of maid in the life of a woman is inexplicable. He defines is wonderfully. Enjoy!

Gaurav Kapoor

Being one of the best comics on observational comedy, Gaurav Kapoor unravels all the secrets, such as Bullet being the illegitimate child of Harley and the reason behind elephant missing ant’s wedding. He doesn’t fail to mention how it is important for Bullet owners to visit Leh-Ladakh.

Vijay Yadav

Stemming out of Haryanvi origins, Vijay Yadav’s comedy is culturally inclined. His Haryanvi accented Hindi adds a distinct charm to this video and makes it funnier. He talks about Scorpio being an inseparable part of Haryanvis, and the beatings and bullying to win in sports. You have to watch it to know it.

Manik Mahna

Incredibly funny Manik Mahna doesn’t have many videos floating over the web, but the ones that are will leave you in splits. In his unique, dry style of comedy, he is every ounce relatable. From studious classmates demanding extra sheet in the exam to playing hide and seek for days at a stretch, this video will revive your school time memories.

Chirayu Mistry

Talking his heart out, Chirayu Mistry tells us how Baghban the movie left him confused. He is at his funniest best when he mentions Amitabh Bachchan. And we must say, his logic is absolutely correct. He is amongst the few ‘humour sapiens’ who can give a funny twist to logic.

Parvinder Singh

He who speaks in a swift Punjabi-accented Hindi begins with “Punjabis in the house” and explains his first international flight to London. He also mentions how his trip to Wagah Border had an ulterior motive and we think it’s fair enough.

Jaspreet Singh

Paaji’s acts get funny with every second. After watching this video of Jaspreet Singh on Horror Movies, you will not be able to look at those movies again, in the same way. It’s logical, it’s hilarious and as one of the comments on this YouTube video states, “this sardaar is actually asardaar” – we have no two thoughts about it.

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