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7 Indian Stand-up Comedians Who Gave TEDx Talks

Those who make you laugh have enough to inspire you. Who knew our loved stand-up comedians would have such inspirational stories to share. Stories from the life that lies in the past, from the life they live every moment and from the life they plan to live. Here’s a listicle on 7 finest Indian stand-up comedians who gave TEDX Talks sharing their plans to make every day worthwhile.


Aditi Mittal in her talk, speaks about her unusual career choice, the lessons she learnt by making the mistakes which paved her way to her success and recognition. Speaking of the opinion of her audience, she mentions the most satisfying and dissatisfying facets of her career. Towards the end, she pushes everyone to get their respective stories out, for no democracy can exist without a difference.


Abish’s talk showcases amusing ways to chase your dreams. He highlights that ambitions are selfish and have capability to drive others’ ambitions. He asked all the audience members to be specific with their dreams and have a vision.


In his talk, Abijit Ganguly shares stories of his journey to become a stand-up comedic in India. Talking about plagiarism in comedy, he hinted towards how Kapil Sharma stole one of his jokes. He, as well mentioned, how he deals with muscle power, the skills he learnt while doing comedy and much more!


Jeeveshu’s TEDx circles around very basic things around us in our daily lives which we seem to ignore or not value. He shares how he has always loved whatever he has done, be it selling biscuits door to door, or performing on stage. Jeeveshu exclaims how his journey has made him humble. Stating that you surely cannot undo something that has happened in the past, but you can make what lies ahead, better!


His TEDx talk was around how a joke is constructed. He as well shared how our past experiences shape who we end up becoming. Zakir Khan talks about what makes him feel insecure and how dealing with those insecurities transformed him into a better and confident individual.


What would make an Investment Banker turn into a Stand-up Comedian? Vikram Poddar using his wit has created a niche for himself in the world of Corporate Humour. He is India’s first corporate comedian, and the flounder of the #BoredRoom. In his talk, he mentions that there’s always a quench to be better than his previous self, which triggers dissatisfaction. Poddar also mentions how there’s a lot more to a public speaker than what meets the eye. His TEDx talk revolves around discovering passion.


Choosing to go to Kota, choosing to stay, choosing to go to IIT. Choosing to do 7 jobs in 6 different fields. Ending up being a stand-up comedian. Everyone wants to do what they love. But how to find what you love doing? That’s what Vaibhav Sethia talks about in his talk.


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