Must watch web series by Indian standup comedians

6 web series by Indian stand-up comedians that you cannot miss out on!

From the eternal times, TV series have gotten us Indians hooked. From the unrealistic and unreasonable saas-bahu serials that have our mothers glued, to the comedy shows divided into two categories, fantasy humour (example, sasural simar ka) and weird comedy (tarak mehta ka oolta chashma), can be seen these days. The gems of comedy shows such as Dekh Bhai Dekh or Shriman Shrimati have disappeared from the screens. And web series by Indian Stand-up comedians have begun to rule the lives.

Aren’t TV serials a reason why watching TV has taken a backseat for the younger lot and Internet has replaced it? The internet is providing us with some fresh content and our beloved comedians are making us laugh by taking the funny-job to the series. But we must thank Netflix, Amazon Prime, and the likes for saving us the torture of TV serials.

Must watch web series by Indian standup comedians

6 web series By Indian stand-up comedians that we recommend you to watch are listed below

Pushpavalli – Sumukhi Suresh

With life all planned, Pushpavalli was going smooth when shit happened. She was going to finish her Food Science degree in Bhopal and marry a decent Brahmin man that her mother approved of. But everything changed once she met a charming Okra exporter named Nikhil Rao at a food conference. Enchanted with their rendezvous, she decides to move her base to Bangalore to pursue the ‘okra selling’ suave gentleman. It is the story of her managing to get a job at a children’s library run by her short-tempered childhood ‘friend’ Pankaj and finding accommodation at a girl’s PG run by a greedy and unstable landlady named Vasu. Meanwhile, her obsessive pursuit of Nikhil continues. Amid screwing up at work and having barely enough money to cover her rent, what will her persual lead to? Let Pushpavalli take you on a fun light hearted comedy ride and dramatic stalking turns.

Cast – Sumukhi Suresh, Harminder Singh Alag, Manish Anand, Ashok Pathak, Naveen Richards, Urooj Ashfaq, Sumaira Shaikh, Sharaddha, Niharika Dutt

Lakhon Mein Ek – Biswa Kalyan Rath

Aakash, who plans to study commerce in Raipur, is sent to an IIT Coaching institute far away from Raipur by his father. There, Aakash, pretty soon realises that he is a misfit. A dark, yet relatable and fun story about the IIT dream, and the life of Akash and many like him. Let ‘Mast Aadmi’ Biswa take you on an enjoyable tour in this series.

Cast – Ritvik Sahore, Dharmesh Patel, Alam Khan, Jay Thakkar, Raju Akki, Biswa Kalyan Rath, Kuldeep Patil, Mayank Parekh, Mukund Pal, Saurav Mehta, Harish Kapoor, Natraj Khurram, Manav Soneji, Shiv Kumar Subramanium, Kumar Varun, Gaurav Kamble, Benjamin Yangal, Ajita Kulkarni, Mrunal Raju Yedellu

Going Viral Pvt. Ltd. – Anuvab Pal

A company which is joined by hopeful Indians, with their dreams and money, to fulfil their aspiration of becoming successful by going viral. What will their fate be – success over social media or ending up in a disaster?

Cast – Kunal Roy Kapoor, Kubra Sait, Prabal Punjabi, Aneesha Shah

Shaitaan Haveli – Varun Thakur

When B-Grade filmmaker Hariman decides to shoot his horror flick at an old haveli, the crew is freaked by the unexpected occurrences. It only makes them realise that they aren’t going to just shoot a horror film, but soon going to live one. A parody of horror genre, can it make the fans of scary movies give it a cheer?

Cast – Varun Thakur, Bhupesh Singh, Hemant Kumar, Kanchan Pagare, Neha Chauhan, Anand Vikas Potdukhe, Pippa Hughes, Shweta Singh, Mukesh, Surender Thakur, Monica Gupta, Adi Irani, Hemant Koumar.

Humorously Yours – TVF (Vipul Goyal)

True to its tagline, it unfolds the drama behind comedy. Following the life of Vipul Goyal, a stand up comedian, it depicts a very Indianised approach to stand up comedy – encasing the struggles with Vipul’s personal and professional life. A good mix of fiction and reality, would this desi take on life prove to be a fun watch? Try it out.

Cast – Vipul Goyal, Abhishek Banerjee, Rasika Dugal

Better Life Foundation

A documentary, err, mockumentary pursuing the lives of five passionate NGO workers and a reluctant volunteer, trying to make the world a better place. With every plan ending up foiled, will the hilarious bunch be able to set everything right in the end? Watch it to know it.

Cast – Naveen Richards, Sumukhi Suresh, Utsav Chakraborty, Kumar Varun, Sindhu Sree Murthy, Kanan Gill



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