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5 Up and Coming Indian Stand-up Comics

It cannot be denied that the cost of recording stand-up comedy videos is too high. Ultimately, most of the wonderful acts that are presented across India don’t reach the wider audience. Moreover, there’s a lot of audience that is just consuming the free videos on YouTube, and this gap leads to appreciators of comedy miss out on the up and coming gems of stand-up scene. So, Humour Sapiens brings to you the comics that grabbed our attention in the past year.

Here you go. Check out the up and coming Indian stand-up comics:

Samay Raina:

Winner of Comicstaan 2, Samay is known for sudden quirks and punchlines which he delivers with unwavering confidence. He takes his comedy very seriously and plans on creating an impact with his fresh take on things.

Sriraam Padmanabhan:

The first ever joke that got him a laugh was, “I am Sriraam. I am a South Indian. I’d tell you my last name but we don’t have all night.” This curly-haired comic uses humour as a coping mechanism to deal with harsh realities of life. Sriraam Padmanabhan started doing stand-up comedy for fun, took a break for a while and got back with a bang. And we are glad!

Pavitra Shetty:

Always full of energy and extremely friendly, Pavitra aka Pavi is brimming with enthusiasm. She decided to give stand-up comedy a chance when her friends tagged her in a random open mic event post. And we are glad she chanced upon it.

Sumaira Shaikh:

A dream that never saw the light of the day; Sumaira Shaikh wanted to study psychology but thanks to her frequent visits to CLC (Canvas Laugh Club) that she zeroed upon comedy gigs. Shaikh has worked behind the scenes with AIB, as a writer on Abish Mathew’s Son of Abish and Sumukhi Suresh’s Behti Naak and web series Pushpavalli. She now be seen regularly performing in Mumbai comedy events.

Sumit Sourav:

Discovered on the television comedy hunt – The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, Sumit Sourav started doing live stand-up comedy in Bangalore before moving to make a mark in the Mumbai comedy scene. He also showcased his skills in the second season of Comicstaan 2.

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