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5 Gift Ideas for Stand-up Comedians

Though standing on stage in front of lots of people, hoping to make them laugh is a tough cookie, but some of us do it with such ease that you feel it is a cakewalk. They hide their shaking legs and cold sweat with such finesse that you revel at their prowess. For those who give us the gift of laughter, how about presenting them with a unique and amazing gift? 

With that in mind we have prepared a list of quirky items to gift a stand-up comedian. Here you go:

FUNNY T-shirts

Funny T-shirts and official merchandise from top notch Indian stand-up comedians can be bought from The Souled Store.

Funny Tshirt

fUNKY mug

Make those marvelous little moments of funny artists, more artistic by gifting them mugs from the PosterGuy to add a special bit of caffeinated flair to their experiences.Comedian Mug


It is important to record as many sets as possible. Also, there are times where comedians create material on the spot and don’t want to risk forgetting it. So, for the moments when a brilliant premise crosses their mind and there’s no chance of writing it down fast enough, the flip cam comes in handy. Buy it on Amazon India.



Notebooks are a wonderful way to a keep track of your material. Getting on stage and winging it, is not the best idea, help your comedian friends get those ideas down on paper. Gift them peppy notebooks from Happily Unmarried.



So that your stand-up comedian friends are always reminded of how cool they are, gift them a watch from Amazon India.



Netflix Subscription 

PosterGully Posters 

 Fun Stuff from Oye Happy




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