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5 Funniest Comediennes in India

From boobs and vaginas to Sanitary napkins to even bras – things that were not even spoken about behind closed doors, are now being joked about and has been made an everyday conversation. Whoever said that women are not funny, have to meet these new-age female stand-up comediennes, who are giving a stiff competition to their male counterparts.

Aditi Mittal

Her sense of comic timing is legendary and so are her acts; each one more memorable than the other. She’s sarcastic, she’s witty, her body language is just amazing; to sum it up, she slays it every time she comes up on stage! Who else would have the quirky imagination to say stuff like ‘science in your chaddi once a month’, when one thinks of sanitary napkins! No wonder then, that she has been featured in CNNIBN.com as top 30 witty, intelligent and incredibly funny Indian women to follow on Twitter. Watch her best stand-up act till date here.

Mallika Dua

Say Hi to Makeup Didi aka Mallika Dua. The cute and annoying quintessential Delhi character, is played by this Delhi girl to perfection and it leaves you in splits. Known for her on-point comic timing, she shot to fame with the viral video of Shit People Say: Sarojini Nagar Edition, which was written, styled and enacted by herself. She is a one-woman show and we assure you that this one woman is more than enough to tickle your funny bones!

Neeti Palta

Weddings are to Punjabis; what full moon is to werewolves; kuch ho jata hain humein – the kudi from Delhi hits it right on the spot, doesn’t she? Well, we think so. She has a straight-forward approach and the metaphors she uses in almost all her acts are so darn hilarious and relatable. She does all this with a straight face, which makes it funnier. Her best act up to this day has to be the one on ‘Big fat Punjabi weddings’; think weddings and this act will return to ‘haunt’ you, in a funny way, of course!

Kaneez Surka

She is the queen of improvisation and rightly so! Her act as Sonia Gandhi on The Week that Wasn’t is always spot-on and brings a smile to everyone who watches her act. This comedian, with an ‘accent’ is very likeable and shines in whatever role she plays, be it the sketches or improvisations. In fact, kudos to women power, as she is the only female judge on Comicstaan right now, which is an Amazon Prime special, where they are hunting for the next big stand-up comedian of India. You go girl!

Sumukhi Suresh

Meet the ‘Behti Naak’ of Indian stand-up comedy scene. The comedian from Bangalore plays a 10-year-old girl with a deadpan style of humour, so convincingly. She has also done sketches and also has her own special show on Amazon Prime called Pushpavalli. Be it the role of a maid or Tinderalla, her sense of humour is thought-provoking. Right now, she is anchoring Comicstaan, where Kaneez is one of the judges.

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