things entrepreneurs can learn from stand-up comedians

4 things entrepreneurs can learn from stand-up comedians

Stand-up comedy is undoubtedly one of the toughest art forms. Every time one gets on the stage, something new and exciting has to be presented. And finding new and relevant content, constantly working on their art, performing in front of different audience without having the slightest of hints how will that audience react to their jokes.

Hard life, isn’t it? You become the creator, performer and receiver, all in one. You have to rescue yourself and find ways to succeed.

What’s similar to stand-up comedy is entrepreneurship. Unanticipated problems and no written solution. You have to face and deal with a different problem every day.

There are no two thoughts about it that there is a world out there to learn from, but let’s take a tip or two from the lives of stand-up comedians, what say?

Here’s what entrepreneurs can learn from stand-up comedians.

things entrepreneurs can learn from stand-up comedians

Value feedback and incorporate it

You get feedback in stand-up comedy promptly. If you crack a good joke, it gets laughs and the show is a success. But if a joke flops, a comedian faces the real challenge, that is, to improvise on it, right there. Entrepreneurship is similar. If people stop appreciating your product or offering, it’s important to notice that and correct it in time.

Appreciate your audience

For a comedian, the way to measure the success is the response from the audience. Similarly, feedback from the target audience matters for the entrepreneurs. Love your customers and deliver something worthy to them, so that they come back to you again.

Be a risk taker

Certainly, it’s easy to play safe, but living on the edge has its own charm. When you take risk for your something you are passionate about, wonders happen. An example for this would be Vir Das’s show ‘Unbelievablish’, India’s largest stand-up comedy tour ever by a comedian and had over 35,000 tickets were sold. While everyone was performing in the metros, he was spreading his charm in small towns such as Coimbatore, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Kochi, and Chandigarh. This unconventional route he took sure helped him become a brand.

Self-belief is the key

Mumbai-based stand-up comedian Aditi Mittal, who’s one of the finest stand-up comics didn’t have her way easy to the top. She totally bombed at her first event at the Comedy Store. The break was offered to her by British comedy entrepreneur and CEO of Comedy Store, Don Ward.

She took a step back, and refined her art in a year, only coming out as more confident. The hit was bad, Ward avoided her calls, but Aditi was unstoppable. She shot her videos and spammed Ward’s inbox. Resultant, he called her back and gave her 8 back to back spots. Amazing what believing in yourself can do!

Same is with entrepreneurs, believe in your product or service. If things didn’t turn out fine. Pause, think, analyse, rework and be back with a bang!

To add on, it’s the practice that makes a man perfect.

These are a few lessons that stand-up comedians can offer for entrepreneurs to learn from! We are sure, there would be many more. How about indulging in this art and sharing some more?

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