Sanjay Rajoura: Humour Sapiens

10 Times Stand-up Comics Made 2019 Bearable

Amid broken economy and broken dreams, comedy came to our rescue. There were moments in this year when our favourite comics said words of wisdom and brought respite from failing at adulting. But here are the chosen ones.

Here are the 10 times when stand-up comics made 2019 bearable.

  1. Surviving at Parle-G, Genius!

Abijit Ganguly on throws some light on millennial couples who sure are living their life in style, but miserably failing at basic things, like cooking.

Abijit Ganguly: Humour Sapiens

  1. Dog parents are the cutest

Well, not! Aakash Gupta talks about how parents still tend to accept the fault of their kids, Dog Parents never. It is never their doggo at fault, but you.

Aakash Gupta: Humour Sapiens

  1. On over-confident Indian bachelors

Nishant Suri knows the exact reason why Indian bachelors are different than bachelors of other countries. It’s their over-confidence that makes them distinct.

Nishant Suri: Humour Sapiens

  1. A woman buying condoms. Wait, what?

Neeti Palta talks about a country that cannot say the word condom, and the way people react to this unusual sight of women buying condoms in India.

Neeti Palta: Humour Sapiens

  1. True happiness lies in small-small things

Rahul Dua tells how we uselessly spend our life looking for sources of happiness, while true happiness lies in the little things.

Rahul Dua: Humour Sapiens

  1. Men and consent rarely go together

Sanjay Rajoura talks in his usual sarcastic tone about Indian men’s lack of understanding regarding the concept of consent.

Sanjay Rajoura: Humour Sapiens

  1. On Information that makes no difference to our lives

Abhishek Upmanyu talks about the two types of information, one that impacts our life, another that is purely ‘gyaan’ and we can live without it.

Abhishek Upmanyu: Humour Sapiens

  1. Unique talent of Mallu uncles unveiled

Kenny Sebastian on ‘Everything Mallu’ tells us something unique about Mallu uncles, which we feel fits aptly for almost all uncles.

Kenny Sebastian: Humour Sapiens

  1. The spells that mums cast

Biswa Kalyan Rath in his stand-up special ‘Sushi’ talks about superpowers that Indian moms have such as finding hidden items or the items that hid themselves so that you cannot find them.

Biswa Kalyan Rath: Humour Sapiens

  1. The forever overflowing fridges of Indians

Azeem Banattawala shares how refrigerator of an Indian household has everything under the sun, including the tissue papers from Dominos. However, after a week of sincerity, the rules about where to keep what are somewhat relaxed.

Azeem Banattwala: Humour Sapiens

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